On the 2nd of December 2017, we took a rescue dog home from SOSD Singapore and the rest as they say, is history. We named him Lumi, short for Luminous because he is black and we appreciate irony. Also, we hoped that he would light our new journey.

He is fearful, he is selectively reactive, he has terrible skin allergies and he doesn't have the strongest gut but he's a real gentleman to his friends and family.

Through the trials and tribulations of raising Lumi, we've come to learn a lot about food, toy and health safety and we're keen to share that with you.

Pet store shelves are lined end to end with a multitude of brands but how many are actually good for our pets? Evaluating Lumi's food is a constant obsession because this world (and it's ingredients) are ever-changing, so our promise to you is this - we will always be transparent about the food that's available on WTF.

At the top of every main food, look out for the following icons to help you shop smarter and feed better:


  • marks food that pass our RIG(OROUS) test
  • if you don't see this sign, it means that the food may have had recent recalls or contains controversial ingredients listed on our Truth & Transparency page


      • summarised with the year and reason for each recall 

      Also, we're always on the look out for cool new stuff (or more effective allergy elixirs 🤦🏻‍♀️) for Lumi that are not available in Singapore so here you are, the WTF exclusives, for your shopping pleasure.

      That said, welcome to our humble home where we are hell bent on cutting out the bullshit and giving our pets the best that we can afford.


      Licks of Love,

      Angela, Perry & Lumi

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