Leaky Gut Protocol Kit
Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance
Dog/Cat Supplement


Product image 1ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 2ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 3ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 4ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 5ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 6ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 7ADORED BEAST<br>Leaky Gut Protocol Kit<br>Immune, Allergy & Digestive Rebalance<br>Dog/Cat Supplement

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Leaky Gut Syndrome can be at the core of many different conditions like skin disease, compromised immune systems, food allergies, digestive problems, ear infections or any common health condition that stems from an inflammatory disorder. This protocol provides simple steps to aid in healing at the root cause.

By implementing the pre-step and 4 protocol steps, you will be supporting your dog's own innate ability to start the process of restoring health.

Common ailments that steam from Leaky Gut:

  • allergies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • skin conditions
  • bowel symptoms
  • organ disorders - liver, pancreas, gallbladder
  • collapsing trachea
  • behaviour issues


Leaky Gut is an increasingly widespread condition in both animals and humans. While awareness of Leaky Gut is slowly increasing, it has had a slow acceptance in the medical community which is concerning, as the gut is responsible for more than 70%of the immune system function!

The delicate intestinal mucosa which lines the gut can be likened to cheesecloth, which should act as a barrier. In Leaky Gut, the cloth junctions have been stretched or damaged to the point where they are no longer able to filter out larger food particles, bacteria and toxins. These particles then pass through the intestinal wall and make their way into the bloodstream which sets off a series of events in the body which triggers the immune system to fight the invaders.

This can be very detrimental, for example, if the invaders are proteins that the animal has eaten and which the body is now building antibodies against. All of this battling leads to chronic inflammation and distress - symptoms which are often labeled as “allergies”.

A 5 product kit that includes detailed instructions and the following:

< 20 lbs / 9 kg
initial 2-day regime liquid
30 ml 30 ml 30 ml
support / detoxifier liquid
60 ml 60 ml 60 ml
digestive enzyme /
pre & probiotic powder
83 g 41 g 41 g
anti-inflammatory /
pre & probiotic powder
153 g 52 g Feline Gut Soothe
46 g
strengthener liquid
30 ml 30 ml 30 ml

NOTE The dog kits can be used for cats too but some cats may not like the taste of Gut Soothe because it contains aloe vera so the Feline Kit replaces this with Feline Gut Soothe.


ANTI-VACCINOSIS homeopathic thuja, silicea, prepared in a 13% alcohol base

LIVER TONIC taraxacum officinalis (dandelion root), chelidonium majus (greater celendine), cardus marianus (milk thistle), berberis vulgaris (barberry), inactive ingredients: organic vegetable glycerine, water

HEALTHY GUT ox bile substance (3.5 mg), papain 50,000 pu (5 mg), betaine hcl (10 mg), bromelain 2400 gdu (15 mg), pancreatin 8x (50 mg), larch arabinogalactan (800 mg), multi strain probiotic blend (30 billion cfu)

GUT SOOTHE aloe vera 200:1 (5 mg), marshmallow root 4:1 (100 mg), l-glutamine (250 mg), n-acetyl glucosamine (300 mg), deglycyrrhizinated licorice (375 mg), larch arabinogalactan (500 mg), slippery elm bark (540 mg), multi strain probiotic blend (30 billion cfu)

GUT SEAL homeopathic arnica, calendula, collagen, thiosinaminum

The protocol contains detailed instructions following these simple steps:


    Initial 2-day regime that assists in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any vaccine benefits. Complete this step before moving on to Step 1.
    DIRECTIONS Give 0.5 ml twice a day for two (2) days only. Give 20 minutes before or after food. Contamination warning: do not allow dropper to make contact with mouth.


    Helps regenerate healthy liver cells and boosts the organ’s ability to filter toxins from the blood. Aids in proper function of histamine (associated with allergies, chronic inflammation), protein synthesis and biochemical production for digestion.
    DIRECTIONS Add to food two (2) times per day. Give daily until bottle is finished. 60 lbs / 27 kg and under: 1/2 dropper (x2 per day), over 60 lbs / 27 kg: 1 full dropper (x2 per day)


    Helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed through antibiotics and toxins. Aids in the digestion of food and supports a healthy immune system.
    DIRECTIONS Divide your pet’s recommended daily dose and add evenly into each meal.

    all cats all cats 1/16 tsp 504
    0.45 - 2.27 1 - 5 1/16 tsp 504
    2.72 - 6.8 6 - 15 ⅛ tsp 252
    6.9 - 17.7 16 - 39 ¼ tsp 126
    18.1 - 26.8 40 - 59 ½ tsp 62
    27.2 - 40.4 60 - 89 ¾ tsp 42
    40.8 + 90 + 1 tsp 30

    A proprietary blend of herbs and pre & probiotics that soothe and replenish the lining of the bowel, fight yeast and combat unhealthy bacteria. With 30 billion cfu wide-spectrum probiotic.
    DIRECTIONS Add your dog’s dosage to food once (1) per day. Cats will require ½ of the recommended dose by weight.

    0.45 - 2.27 1 - 5 ¼ tsp 235
    2.72 - 6.8 6 - 15 ½ tsp 117
    6.9 - 17.7 16 - 39 ¾ tsp 78
    18.1 - 26.8 40 - 59 1 tsp 58
    27.2 - 40.4 60 - 89 1½ tsp 39
    40.8 + 90 + 2 tsp 29

    A homeopathic remedy that helps restore, strengthen and tighten the separated“leaky” junctions of the gastrointestinal lining.
    DIRECTIONS Add to food, eight (8) pumps per day. Administer daily until bottle is finished. 

Optimize the healthy effects of this protocol by following these simple suggestions:

  • eliminate processed foods, grains, and sugars
  • try not to use pesticide-based flea products
  • avoid routine vaccinations by opting for titer testing instead
  • consider homeopathy, laser, acupuncture as alternatives to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaid’s)
  • identify sources of stress for your dog and minimize (ie. boredom)
  • feed a species-appropriate diet
  • avoid as many drugs as possible, consider connecting with a hollistic veterinarian who practices homeopathy or alternative medicine

CAUTION not for pregnant or lactating females

This product is not intended to replace veterinary advice.

If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

STORAGE store at room temperature 15 - 30°c and follow storage instructions on individual product labels

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Will my pet be on the Leaky Gut Protocol for life?

Many animals achieve the desired symptom resolution or relief with just one kit. Other pets with deeper issues may require ongoing support or multiple kits. You should see gradual improvement as long as you are using it, but if the improvement stops or conditions appear to be worsening, then you may need to use the Yeasty Beast Protocol and then go back to the Leaky Gut Protocol. When your animal improves completely on the protocol then it is always a good idea to do one protocol a year to help keep the gut in prime condition.

Do I have to stop using all other medications for allergies (Atopica, Apoquel, etc)?

While you continue to use drugs you will continue to create damage, BUT you can't just stop any drugs cold turkey! We believe that a slow decrease (so as not to shock the body) is best, BUT please always check with your vet with any drugs your animal is on to be sure they are compatible and to find out how to wean off of them.

How long until I see changes?

This depends on a number of things:

  • How long your animal has been ill
  • How much medication he or she has been on
  • If you are supporting them with nutritious whole real food and not processed food

We have seen animals improve in 1 week and some animals taking one month to show improvement.

What will changes look like?

Here is whole list of positive changes:

  • Increased energy
  • Deeper, more relaxed sleep
  • Less anxiety
  • Less joint pain
  • Less scratching
  • Faster healing
  • Less grumpy
  • Better hair coat
  • Healthier ears
  • Less reverse sneezing
  • Better quality stools
  • Weight gain or loss, more balanced weight

Remember, the gut is in charge of so many things! What you think may be symptoms of leaky gut (ie. itchy skin or hot spots) are only what you physically see going on. The imbalance and trauma is deep below the surface and you may see other improvements before you see the skin symptoms getting better. If this happens (ie. your dog has more energy, is getting along better with other dogs, or is more engaged and happier) but the skin symptoms are the same, this can be a very good sign that things are improving deep down and that the gut is getting healthier and the skin will take a bit longer to show signs of improvement. Consider it almost like things are getting better from the inside out!

Will my pet's symptoms get worse before they get better?

If your animal has a very strong yeast infestation or overgrowth, a rapid die-off/detox can occur. In this case, we recommend switching to our Yeasty Beast Protocol then back to the Leaky Gut Protocol to support healing.

How do I tell if my dog has yeast and should I not start the Yeasty Beast Protocol first?

Good question! If your animal has ever been diagnosed with yeast in their ears or on their skin, the answer is YES! Doing the Yeasty Beast Protocol first will help to kill the yeast bacteria and then you would do the Leaky Gut Protocol to help to heal the damage they've done!

If your dog has a yeasty smell (dirty socks, stinky old cheese) then that's a strong indication of yeast and it would be helpful to start the Yeasty Beast first. 

But remember that yeast is so incredibly damaging to the gut and 9 times out of 10 your dog will also have leaky gut or gut trauma that needs support to be healed.

How come I ran out of some of the products in the kit? Do I keep giving the rest?

This is because the powders' serving sizes are based on body weight, whereas the tinctures and homeopathics aren't. We don't have a kit for weight ranges. Many folks find that they do not need to purchase an additional single Gut Seal and they just finish off each product as they run out, but if you are feeling like there is still some additional "work to be done" you can certainly purchase a single Gut Seal to keep going. You would just need to contact to purchase. It's not listed for individual sale on WTF as it's only to be used in conjunction with the rest of the Leaky Gut Protocol ingredients.

All of the other protocol products are available for sale individually on WTF. Kindly note that individual sizes of Anti-Vaccinosis (bigger than protocol), Healthy Gut and Gut Soothe (smaller than protocol) sizes are different from Protocol Kit sizes.

Why do I use all the products but not the Anti-Vaccinosis? I have so much left!

We included a large enough bottle for a few reasons:

1. Many times it is necessary to repeat this process up to 4-8 times. If you see that the Protocol initially helped but stalled, then it is helpful to repeat the Anti Vaccinosis the same way BUT you do NOT stop the rest of the Protocol. Simply add the Anti Vaccinosis back in twice a day for 2 days. If you see improvement you can repeat it every 2 weeks, up to 8 times AS LONG AS YOU SEE IMPROVEMENT EACH TIME, GIVE IT.

2. Even though we do NOT support continuing to vaccinate, some people choose to revaccinate. If this is the case, then there is plenty to redose. This product has a very long shelf life so if at any point you do vaccines you can use the product again.

3. If you have a multi-animal household and any of your animals have been vaccinated, it is a very supportive product and you can give it to any one of your furry family members to help with the long term side effects of vaccines!

Does this expire?

Yes, please check the bottom of the jars for the best before date.

Who is Adored Beast?

Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic healthcare by founder Julie Anne Lee, DCH.

Opening the first licensed holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, Julie Anne has used her experience as an animal care provider and compassionate advocate to develop simple and easy-to-follow products that put the power back in your hands.

Julie Anne has trail blazed the advancement of holistic pet care and brings her wealth of experience to all aspects of the Adored Beast Apothecary as a practitioner, teacher and consultant, she has expanded the world of animal wellness, both reclaiming, and scientifically evolving, the time-honoured, common-sense practice of nature-based animal healthcare.

Unique protocols have been developed in simple steps to address core issues, support healing and aid in preventing re-occurrence. Using the power and common sense of nature as the wellspring of health, Adored Beast empowers you to once again become a true steward of your beloved animals. Becoming attuned to our creature companions connects us to nature. And in turn, nature connects is to our adored beasts.

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