Potent-Sea Omega-3
High Potency EPA & DHA Algae Oil
Skin/Joints/Immune/Heart/Brain/Eye Dog/Cat Supplement


Product image 1ADORED BEAST<br>Potent-Sea Omega-3<br>High Potency EPA & DHA Algae Oil<br>Skin/Joints/Immune/Heart/Brain/Eye Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 2ADORED BEAST<br>Potent-Sea Omega-3<br>High Potency EPA & DHA Algae Oil<br>Skin/Joints/Immune/Heart/Brain/Eye Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 3ADORED BEAST<br>Potent-Sea Omega-3<br>High Potency EPA & DHA Algae Oil<br>Skin/Joints/Immune/Heart/Brain/Eye Dog/Cat Supplement
Product image 4ADORED BEAST<br>Potent-Sea Omega-3<br>High Potency EPA & DHA Algae Oil<br>Skin/Joints/Immune/Heart/Brain/Eye Dog/Cat Supplement

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A rich source of omega-3 for dogs and cats that does not harm the oceans. Sourced from micro-algae known for its high DHA and EPA content, Potent-Sea provides omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial compounds that support the health of the whole body. Grown on land to protect the ocean and our planet. Free from solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals, this offers the same health benefits as fish oil without the risks, and does not negatively impact ocean life in any way, shape, or form.

  • great for skin, coat, joints, immunity, heart, brain, eyes & nervous system
  • 100% natural & human grade
  • free of GMOs, heavy metals, parabens & cruelty
  • sustainably sourced, save the oceans
  • third-party tested
  • learn more here

Key Ingredients :ย 

  • MARINE ALGAE OIL from micro-algae known for high DHA and EPA, grown in fermentation tanks free from environmental contaminants like heavy metals, micro plastics and pesticides and extracted by minimal water-based process so no chemical solvents or heat involved.ย 
  • HIGH-OLEIC SUNFLOWER OIL the good kind! made from sunflower seeds bred to contain more heart-healthy oleic fatty acids (monounsaturated fats), less susceptible to oxidation (results in rancidity) and a rich source of vitamin E (fat-soluble nutrient that may help protect cells from age-related damage).
  • ROSEMARY EXTRACTย antioxidant-rich and inhibits microorganism growth, making it a great choice for preserving shelf-life, significantly slowing down the oxidation of fatty oils without synthetics or chemicals.

SIZEย 60 ml / 2 fl oz


Marine algae oil (Schizochytrium sp.) 962.7 mg

High-oleic sunflower oil (a heart healthy carrier oil) 31.9 mg
Rosemary extract (preservative) 3.0 mg
Mixed tocopherols (antioxidant) 2.1 mgย 
Ascorbyl palmitate (form of vitamin c) 0.3 mg

Forย dogs and cats.ย Refrigerate after opening.

Shake well and add to food once per day according to your pet's weight.

< 10 lbs 0.50 ml 259 mg
11 - 15 lbs 0.65 ml 336 mg
16 - 20 lbs 1.00 ml 517 mg
21 - 30 lbs 1.30 ml 672 mg
31 - 40 lbs 2.00 ml 1034 mg
41 - 50 lbs 2.50 ml 1293 mg
51 - 60 lbs 3.30 ml 1706 mg
61 - 70 lbs 4.00 ml 2068 mg
71 - 80 lbs 4.50 ml 2327 mg
> 80 lbs 5.00 ml 2585 mg
< 5 lbs 0.15 ml 78 mg
6 - 10 lbs 0.25 ml 129 mg
11 - 15 lbs 0.45 ml 233 mg
16 - 20 lbs 0.70 ml 362 mg
21 - 25 lbs 0.90 ml 465 mg
> 25 lbs 1.00 ml 517 mg

CAUTION Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animalโ€™s condition worsens or does not improve, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

WARNING For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if tamper evident neck seal is broken or missing. Rosemary extract can be contraindicated with epilepsy. Please contact your veterinarian before giving.

STORAGEย Refrigerate after opening.


Is marine algae a plant or animal?

Neither. There are over 27,000 types of algae. The marine algae used in Potent-Sea comes from Schizochytrium sp., a type of microalgae found in some marine coastal areas.

How long will a bottle last?

That depends on the size of your animal. Using the dosage chart, take the daily amount in millilitres that is suggested for your animalโ€™s body weight, and divide it by 60 (ml - the amount in the bottle).

What's the shelf life?

2 years from the date of packaging. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

Where does the waste go after production?

There is minimal to no waste. Any โ€œleftoverโ€ algae are re-established into the fermenter colonies. The process is completely circular.

Do you have a certificate of analysis?

Yes.ย Please see last image.

How does Potent-Sea compare to Raw Hemp Seed Oil, Phytoplankton, and Fish Oil?

Potent-Sea is totally different from hemp seed oil and fish oil. Hemp Seed Oil doesnโ€™t contain EPA & DHA - but it is a good source of ALA. Potent-Sea is similar to fish oil based on its amounts of EPA & DHA and health benefits, but it is much healthier because it doesnโ€™t contain heavy metals like mercury. Potent-Sea is also 100% ocean and environmentally friendly, whereas fish oil is not. Compared to Potent-Sea, Phytoplankton has much lower levels of omega-3s, but it is a whole food source and is incredibly beneficial for its minerals, amino acids, and superoxide dismutase (the king of antioxidants).

Does Potent-Sea contain Vitamin E or does my pet need additional Vitamin E to absorb the omega 3s?

Yes, Potent-Sea does have vitamin E in it, listed as tocopherols in the ingredients. It helps to ensure that your pet can safely and effectively absorb and use the omega-3 fatty acids. It also helps prevent oxidation (rancidity), which is a known problem with EPA and DHA - It is believed that oxidation of EPA and DHA in the body can have adverse effects, primarily when consumed at very high dosages.

Does this expire?

Yes, please check the bottom of the jar for the best before date.

Who isย Adored Beast?

Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic healthcare by founder Julie Anne Lee, DCH.

Opening the first licensed holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, Julie Anne has used her experience as an animal care provider and compassionate advocate to develop simple and easy-to-follow products that put the power back in your hands.

Julie Anne has trail blazed the advancement of holistic pet care and brings her wealth of experience to all aspects of the Adored Beast Apothecary as a practitioner, teacher and consultant, she has expanded the world of animal wellness, both reclaiming, and scientifically evolving, the time-honoured, common-sense practice of nature-based animal healthcare.

Unique protocols have been developed in simple steps to address core issues, support healing and aid in preventing re-occurrence. Using the power and common sense of nature as the wellspring of health, Adored Beast empowers you to once again become a true steward of your beloved animals. Becoming attuned to our creature companions connects us to nature. And in turn, nature connects is to our adored beasts.

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