Yeasty Beast III
Soothing, Healing & Anti-Itch
Dog Topical Spray


Product image 1ADORED BEAST<br>Yeasty Beast III<br>Soothing, Healing & Anti-Itch<br>Dog Topical Spray
Product image 2ADORED BEAST<br>Yeasty Beast III<br>Soothing, Healing & Anti-Itch<br>Dog Topical Spray

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Yeasty Beast III is a combination of apple cider vinegar and soothing herbs to help heal spots of topical yeast that appear on the skin.

IMPORTANT the ROOT CAUSE of systemic yeast still needs to be addressed, this topical is not meant to “cure” the yeast that breeds deep in the digestive tract. It is fantastic for preventing infections that can arise from yeast coming through the skin and for soothing itchy skin.

Certain dogs that have skin folds can also benefit from regular cleaning with this product. Do NOT use on open or raw wounds.

    SIZE 60 ml


    INGREDIENTS horsetail, hypericum, calendula, hydrastis, green tea, prepared in a 40% alcohol base, witch hazel 21ml, apple cider vinegar 9ml

    Topical spray for dogs.

    For use on topical yeast areas only.

    Spray on affected area 2-3 times per day. Try to avoid having your pet lick the topical off before it gets a chance to soak in. 

    Use this product on skin folds, feet and other itchy areas and black, thickened skin. Can be used for ears, but do not pour in - spray onto a cotton pad and wipe affected areas. Do not spray directly in eyes or mouth.

    In chronic cases where symptoms do not begin to improve within 10 days, it is best to consult your veterinarian. 

    **For best results and to combat the root cause of yeast, use in conjunction with Yeasty Beast Protocol**

    WARNING THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WHICH CAN STING. Do not use on open cuts or wounds. For wound application, see our Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray which does not contain apple cider vinegar. 

    For external use only. Not for internal use. Discontinue if skin appears more red or aggravated after application.

    STORAGE Do not expose product to excessive heat. Store at room temperature or refrigerate. 

    For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. 

    Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. 


    How long will the bottle last?

    Each bottle contains 60 ml of liquid and equals 480 sprays per bottle.

    Can I use it on an open wound?

    Because Yeast Beast III contains apple cider vinegar, it can sting, so don't apply it to open wounds. For wound application, see our Owies & Oopsies Topical Spray.

    Is it ok if my dog licks it off?

    The ingredients are all safe for your dog to consume, but it is a topical product and not meant for ingestion. Try to keep your pet from licking it and allow the spray to be absored into the skin.

    Does this expire?

    Yes, please check the bottom of the jar for the best before date.

    Who is Adored Beast?

    Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic healthcare by founder Julie Anne Lee, DCH.

    Opening the first licensed holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, Julie Anne has used her experience as an animal care provider and compassionate advocate to develop simple and easy-to-follow products that put the power back in your hands.

    Julie Anne has trail blazed the advancement of holistic pet care and brings her wealth of experience to all aspects of the Adored Beast Apothecary as a practitioner, teacher and consultant, she has expanded the world of animal wellness, both reclaiming, and scientifically evolving, the time-honoured, common-sense practice of nature-based animal healthcare.

    Unique protocols have been developed in simple steps to address core issues, support healing and aid in preventing re-occurrence. Using the power and common sense of nature as the wellspring of health, Adored Beast empowers you to once again become a true steward of your beloved animals. Becoming attuned to our creature companions connects us to nature. And in turn, nature connects is to our adored beasts.

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