Everclean Paw
Cleaner & Massager


Product image 1PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 2PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 3PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 4PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 5PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 6PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 7PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager
Product image 8PETKIT<br>Everclean Paw<br>Cleaner & Massager

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Cleaner paws for a happier, better life.

The Everclean Paw cleaner and massaging brush provides a deep cleaning tool to remove dirt and dust from your pets' paws. Designed with pets in mind, the Everclean Paw ensures that no matter how active your pet is, and no matter where they roam, you can keep mess away from your home easily. This paw cleaner comes with silicone massaging bristles and has been designed with the physical structure of a dog's paw in mind, to ensure that the experience is just as pleasant for your dog as for yourself.

Deep Cleanย &ย Gentle Care

The interior of the Everclean Paw cleanerย and massaging brush is made up from two different thickness of bristles, each with a rounded head to offer a more comfortable paw cleaning experience.

Easy to Use

Designed with pet owners in mind, the easy-to-grip tumbler body makes cleaning easy and straightforward. The Everclean Paw can be easily operated both wet and dry to prevent mess around the home.

Easy to Clean

The Everclean Paw can be easily dismantled and cleaned with warm water after use and left to air dry. The bristles are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria to ensure that paws are kept clean and healthy.
*It's recommended to soak the silicone bristle pad in detergent to remove bacteria, beforeย putting it back after drying.

Designed to be Disassembled

The Everclean Paw cleaner incorporates the Everclean Massage Comb in its design, and can be dismantled for use individually. This 3D curved comb is placed at the bottom of the cleaner and can provide a targeted deep cleaning on paws, or can be used as a bath brush or massage comb independently.

9.5 Dย x 12.6ย H cm
LARGE 10.6 D x 15 H cm

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