Eversweet Travel S400
One-Touch Pet Water Bottle


Product image 1PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 2PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 3PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 4PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 5PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 6PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle
Product image 7PETKIT<br>Eversweet Travel S400<br>One-Touch Pet Water Bottle

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The Eversweet Travel pet water bottle has been specifically designed to keep your dog hydrated and healthy on the go. This easy one-click water release system comes with an easily replaceable coconut carbon filter, making it the perfect companion for long walks and travelling with your dog.

The drinking trough has been created using BioCleanAct material to inhibit bacteria growth and the coconut shell carbon filter helps to purify water by removing impurities and chlorine, ensuring that fresh clean water is always served to your pet.

One-hand Watering

Just one simple press allows water to flow out smoothly. Hold the button to conserve water by allowing it to flow back into the bottle or release the button to prevent contaminated back flow. Turn lock to prevent spillage.

Ergonomically Designed

Dogs drink water by curling their tounges and creating a spoon like shape to get as much water as they can. The drinking trough of the Eversweet Travel bottle has been designed with this action in mind, forming an arc and enabling an easier drink.

Strong Antibacterial Effects

The antibacterial BioCleanAct material prevents the buildup of bacteria in the open drinking trough.

Portable Purification System

Every Eversweet portable pet water bottle comes complete with a built-in water purification system using activated coconut shell. This replaceable carbon filter removes chlorine from tap water or cooled boiled water and can be used up to 100 times before it needs to be replaced.

DIMENSIONS 6.5 D x 27.1 H cm
WEIGHT 157 g

BOTTLE ONLY - 1 bottle, 1 filtration unit
SWEET BUNDLE - 1 bottle, 3 filtration units

FILTER REPLACEMENT FREQUENCY It is recommended that you change filters every 2 months or every 100 feedings.

Filtration Units & PetKit Cleaning Kit also sold separately.

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