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Product image 1PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 2PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 3PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 4PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 5PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 6PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl
Product image 7PETKIT<br>Fresh<br>Antibacterial Smart Pet Bowl

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Love is always fresh and so should your pet’s food bowl.

The Fresh Pet Bowl comes complete with in built weighing scales to help you measure the exact amount of food to feed your pet right there in their bowl.

The PetKit app provides suggestions on exactly how much you should be feeding your pet based on their breed and their activity levels. When paired with our Fit P2 activity monitor you can always ensure you’re giving your pet just the right amount of food to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

An Authorized & Safer Pet Bowl

PetKit Fresh Pet Bowl has been certified by a number of international institutions for the safe serving of food for animals, including RoHS, CE, FCC and FDA in US and Korea for its BioCleanAct material.

Antibacterial BioCleanAct Material

The Petkit Fresh Pet Bowl has been created using BioCleanAct material, which can effectively prevent the bacteria from forming in the bowl. This helps to keep food fresher for longer, and makes it easier to clean.

Healthy Feeding

Using our PetKit app and entering your dog’s weight, food type, age, and breed you can get unique recommended daily suggestions of how much to feed your pet.

Built-In Weighing Scale

The Petkit Fresh pet bowl prevents obesity by helping you to keep an eye on the amount of food they are eating using a build in weighing scale. Easily adjustable to measure ounces and millilitres. Balanced nutrition is key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Recommended for small and medium dogs and cats.

DIMENSIONS 18 L x 18 W x 6 H cm
WEIGHT 465 g

PetKit Cleaning Kit sold separately.

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