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Dog/Cat/Small Pet Soap Shampoo Bar


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Bath time should be enjoyable for everyone. 

So gentle it can be used on puppies, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and humans.

  • Excellent solution for an everyday clean but gentle enough to use on a variety of skin conditions.
  • Gentle on skin problems while soothing sensitive, irritated or itchy skin.
  • Lemon-scented tea tree oil is a natural calmer, making it ideal for dogs who find bath time stressful.
  • Help with fleas, ticks and lice. Customers tell us it clears up fleas and lice immediately, and ticks fall off within a day of washing.
  • Economical to use – one bar is equivalent of over 600ml of liquid shampoo.
  • Washing a dog is so much easier with a bar of soap. It frees up one hand to hold the dog, and it is easier to wash the underside of your dog – gravity isn’t working against you.
  • For all coat types and colours.

Many pet shampoos are made with chemical ingredients – sulphates and parabens and artificial fragrances. WashBar soap is a much simpler, safer and natural way to wash your dog.

Very safe for pet owners who suffer from allergies or irritations as the ingredients are all natural.

All ingredients are ethical, natural and fully traceable.

INGREDIENTS Saponified Sustainable Palm Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Neem Oil, Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil, Manuka Pure Essential Oil, Neem Leaf, Titanium Dioxide

SIZE 100 g

INSTRUCTIONS WashBar is very easy to use. Wet your pet all over and either rub the bar directly onto their coat or lather it up in your hands and rub in. If necessary, put more water on your pet to create lather. Massage to work through the coat – bath time should be fun for both of you. Leave the soap in for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if your pet is really dirty, but one wash is usually enough.

If your animal has ticks, they should start falling off within 24 hours (resist the temptation to pick any off during the wash). Fleas should fall off the animal straight away.

IMPORTANT As with any soap, please keep out of eyes. In the unlikely event of any skin reaction to this product, discontinue use.

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