PERSONALITY FEARFUL but getting braver by the day
SELECTIVELY LOVING will shy away from strangers' pats, touch needs to be earned ok!
SELECTIVELY REACTIVE used to love all dogs but currently finding his place in this world
INTOLERANT TO BRACHYCEPHALIC DOGS a.k.a flat face dogs, not an uncommon behaviour, we'll have a blog post on that soon!
A REAL GENTLEMAN to family & friends, will gladly give away food, water & toys to his inner circle
VOCAL a.k.a grumbly and amusingly communicative
RESPECTFUL of human space & objects, in turn appreciates ur respect of his personal space too
ANTICS 360° TAIL side to side is so passé, it's all or nothing baby!
PAW PATS infamous for patting his friends on the head & body during play
PRO CATCHER can catch the tiniest treat or the biggest toy from 10 metres away
DJ LUMINOUS trademark chin scratch on the (disco)floor
HEALTH FOOD + ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES undiagnosed but working on it
FUNKY GUT currently building general immunity
SUPPLEMENTS PROBIOTICS for gastrointestinal health & allergy support
SPIRULINA for general immunity, gastrointestinal health & allergy support
QUERCETIN + BROMELAIN a bioflavonoid often referred to as ‘nature’s benadryl’ for allergies
MAGNESIUM CITRATE helps reduce allergic inflammation, calm the nervous system & reduce anxiety
PHYTO SYNERGY marine phytoplankton for a cleaner source of EPA + DHA than fish oil
FAVOURITE TOYS goDog's Terry the Pterodactyl, Bark's Rattling Ricky, KONG Danglers, Multipet's Plush & Rubber Gumby
FAVOURITE TREATS Zeal's Venison Shank, Woof's Freeze Dried Duck, Basic Instinct's Lamb Ears, Lamb Puffs, Lamb SteakThe Honest Kitchen's Nuzzles, GivePet, actually I love ALLL cookies!

Dear World,

This is my story.

When I was 4 months old, I was found on Jurong Island without a mummy. Life was tough coz I got bullied and was always hungry 😰. One day, I was trapped and brought to SOSD’s shelter where everything was scary and unfamiliar. Luckily, I had 4 big brothers and sisters in my kennel to reassure me that everything would be ok. My favourite brother was Marsh (I miss him so much)! He would play fight with me and always let me win. The only problem was that he was white so every time we wrestled, my black coat was speckled with his white fur!

About a month later, during a shelter tour (public come to visit us), I met my dada and momsicle! T'was just prancing around my kennel when suddenly, this nice 姐姐 (big sister) pointed to me and asked her cousins “have you seen this little black dog?” I was stunned (like 🥬) and curious to see who she was talking to. And then it happened, 2 humans came up to my kennel and I was instantly smitten by momsicle. I went up to her for a closer look and followed her as she walked the length of my kennel. I wondered who she was and why we shared this mysterious connection.

With luck, these 2 humans actually contacted SOSD after the shelter tour and asked if they could come visit me 🙊🙊🙊!!! BUT they were notified that I was not yet HDB approved as I was under 6 months old and I wasn’t even trained to walk on leash.

Nonetheless, the rents persisted and said they would come visit me twice a week regardless of our adoption fate. When I heard this, I was determined to prove that I was a good doggie and be on my best behavior during our walks together. I walked like a dream and was super quiet and shy, I never barked (even when the entire kennel was) and would shy away when anyone tried to pat me. Kudos to the rents for not forcing their love on me immediately 😆.

Seeing their willingness to try, Aunty May and Aunty Min (amazing SOSD volunteers) decided to bring me to their house for a day visit! I was so excited but so scared at the same time 🥴. Also, no one told me about the scary car rides but that’s another story for another day, I ride like a pimp now 😎.

When I arrived, I sniffed around their living room and admired the 17th floor view of Serangoon river, wondering if I could really live here for the rest of my life.

To my surprise, on the 2nd home visit, there was a playpen in the living room! I was walked into it, locked in and then everyone left the house (it was a test!). Of course I panicked and jumped the fence! I wasn’t sure what was going on but they put me in again when they came back so I kept trying to get out and even got my paw caught in the fence 😅.

On the 3rd home visit, while we were strolling along the river altogether, Aunty May and Aunty Min suddenly disappeared. I was brought back home and spent the afternoon sitting with the rents in the playpen (with the gate open), munching on shredded chicken and wondering if I was ready for this life 😳. They allowed me to go in and out as I pleased and I started to feel a little more comfortable.

I was still unsure of everything so I did what I felt was safest - stick to momsicle like glue. To ease my fears, she slept on the couch in the living room with me for the first 5 nights. On the 6th night, she finally went back to sleep in her bedroom and I was still a little scared but she left her bedroom door slightly ajar, just enough for me to see and smell her but not wide enough for me to enter.

Night by night, the gap in the door would get smaller and smaller and I took the hint, the rents had their bedroom and so did I! I love momsicle so much that I would follow her everywhere but when night falls, she would point me to the living room and tell me to go, that’s how I learnt when it was sleeping time.

I mentioned that no one had heard me bark yet right? Well, not until the 3rd day home at least! So that faithful day, the rents kept offering me strange objects that I had never seen before. They came in funny shapes and sizes, some were hard, some were soft and some made weird squeaky noises. Apparently, they were called toys and oh my goodness they were a ton of fun!! I was so excited when I realized that I was allowed to chew and play with them that I lost my mind and started barking like crazy AT THE TOYS 🤪🤪🤪! When I found my voice in that rowled up state, I started barking at every little sound that I heard and rolled around the house like a lunatic (apparently they call it puppy craze).

The silly rents were so startled by my sudden change in behaviour that they called Aunty May at midnight in a panic! The next day, Aunty May and Aunty Min came to visit me and I thought that I was in deep trouble. Another Aunty named Su Lin came too and I was so nervous that I growled and barked at her for 15 minutes straight. She told everyone to ignore me but when I didn’t stop, she told mummy to leash and walk me around the house. Surprisingly, that calmed me down.

I did experience a little isolation distress 🥺 (often mistaken as separation anxiety) and mild separation anxiety from momsicle but the rents desensitised me by opening and closing doors a million times, kept me busy with lots of treats hidden in interactive toys and sometimes dada would just have to distract me so that I wouldn’t realise when momsicle left the house (if they could get through this step, I would be ok because I didn't care when dada left the house 😅). Sometimes I still whine a little but I have found that the trick to staying home alone is to play, eat and sleep sleep sleep!

I have a million other crazy stories of me settling into my new home but this is getting too long and I’m getting a little sleepy 😴.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve moved in with the rents and all I can tell you is that we're all still learning but we love each other like mosquitoes love blood 🦟.

I know my boundaries 🚫 (I don’t enter the kitchen even if the door is accidentally left open overnight) and I don’t destroy anything 🙅🏿‍♂️ that is not mine (there are human toys and then my toys, that are officially presented to me before any destruction can take place). The rents are super proud of me and give me lots of fun and yummy things 🤤 when I’m good.

Every night at 10pm, I get to play with my neighborhood pack, some of which are now my bestest friends! I even have 2 dogpa’s (godpa dogpa, get it?!) and a whole village of people who love and care for me. I have learnt lots of new tricks but my favourite is kissing momsicle on the lips 💋 when she pouts at me. I’m still wary of strangers but I’m getting more confident each day.

I graduated obedience school at Aunty Su Lin’s K9 Kampong with flying colours 🌈 even though I was just a playful 9 month old pupper. Aunty Su Lin even said I looked like a well-trained German Shepherd 🙊!

There is no happy ending but a happy journey as the rents and I grow and learn together. We're currently learning to balance my new found confidence (which I sometimes display as reactive dominance) and isolation distress still occasionally creeps back up on me. There are good days, bad days and plain ugly days but I wouldn't trade the world for my family (and I made the rents promise not to trade me for an easier dog ✌🏼) and 2 awesome aunties, 2 doting grandmas, 2 dogpas and Aunty Amanda and Aunty May and Aunty Min and Vanessa 姐姐 and Uncle Jason & Aunty Cindy (my fiancé Amber’s parents) and Aunty Mandy & Uncle WS (my BFF Phoebe's parents), and lotsss of other friends and family! I hope all shelter dogs get as lucky as me 🍀.


2 Paws, 3 Pats & 1 Lick,


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