PERSONALITY SUPER MANJA at home, demands massages and cuddles
TOO INDEPENDENT outdoors, recall is still work in progress
LOYAL TO DEATH always ready to back her pals up
PLAYS ROUGH but will supplement with friendly growls
TALENTED SPRINTER loves a good race any day
NOT FOND OF THUNDER level of neediness increases tenfold
LOVES ROLLING in grass, sand and silk duvets
ANTICS GENTLE HEADBUTT the cue for you to start her body massage
SIGHS LOUDLY at different corners of the bed, until she is invited up
HEALTH TARTAR currently working on brushing pass 4 teeth per session
SUPPLEMENTS PROBIOTICS for gastrointestinal health
FISH OIL for a healthy coat and to reduce shedding
FAVOURITE SHAMPOO Isle of Dogs Clean Coating Shampoo & Aloveen's Oatmeal Conditioner
FAVOURITE TOYS Benebone's Wishbone & Beeztees' Chiko
FAVOURITE TREATS Raw Rawr's Whole SardinesZeal's Ling Fish Skins, Green Lipped Mussels, Roam Play Venison Jerky Bone

Dear World,

My name is Phoebe. The volunteers at Action for Singapore Dogs called me Ulla.

I was 8 months old when I met the pawrents. It was a dry August afternoon and Aunty Cheryl came to get me for my weekly walk. I was ecstatic to be allowed outdoors, to breathe the fresh air and feel the warm sunlight on my coat. I quickened my pace. There was a plethora of scents I had to cover before it was time to head back.

Then we came to a stop. I looked up and there they were. Daddy squatted down and said hi. I went up to him and buried my head in his chest. I could almost hear Daddy’s heart melting as he gently stroked my head. Later, I walked over to Mommy and pressed my head against her legs. She bent down and touched my ear, wondering just how comfortable I was with a human’s touch. The ear did a dramatic twitch but I stayed put. Mommy smiled to herself.

Fast forward to today, it has almost been 10 months since I arrived at my forever home and every day, the pawrents and I continue to learn about each other. I went to school and learned words like “come”, “sit” and “stay”. I now know how to play with toys. Just a few months back, I discovered this heavenly cream that the humans call yogurt. Most importantly, I have made many new friends. In fact, the pawrents are always complaining about my social life is more exciting than theirs.

I met my very first friend Piper, by chance, on the second night of my home stay. We couldn’t be more different. He loves to play fetch with his favourite ball while I prefer to sprint and play tag. At the beginning, he was unsure when I tried to taunt him into sessions of tag by mouthing and growling at him but eventually, he realised that I was just playing. Recently, our play language finally synced when we invented a special game that we only play with each other.

It was a few weeks after I moved in when I met Wesley, the cool kid in the neighbourhood. His mama, Aunty Caroline, was giving Mommy a crash course on how to train me so that I wouldn’t pull so much on our walks. Mommy told Daddy that I had developed a serious crush on Wes because I wouldn't stop licking him whenever we bumped into each other. If we met up for a walk or an outing, I would whine after we parted ways and refuse to leave until Wes is well out of sight.

Then there was my best friend Lumi, whom I met for the first time on the field behind Ah B Cafe. I wondered why he was wearing a basket on his snout (I later learnt that the basket is called a muzzle). I tried a few times to start a game of tag but it just kept fizzling out after a short run. Frustrated that I was always “it”, I decided to tag his butt in the next round. Lumi was not happy about that. Next thing I knew, he had pulled off his muzzle (much to the humans’ amazement) and gave me a good chase round the field. We had so much fun that day!

Alas, life is not all fun! Among other things, I am working on my fear of toddlers and thunder. I am learning to be more responsive to commands when we are out. The pawrents are also trying to kick my habit of play growling - they say it is too often misunderstood as aggression. It’s hard work but I know it would make the pawrents happy. I just love when they gush over what a good girl I am. I wish with all my heart that every shelter dog out there will find their forever home like I did.




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